Our Focus is Entertainment PR

Interact PR is the leading publicity and promotions film agency in western Canada.

For almost two decades, Interact PR has designed and directed hundreds upon hundreds of exceptional campaigns for some of the largest filmed entertainment brands in the world.  

Avatar to Austin PowersThe Hunger Games to Moonrise KingdomThe Twilight Saga to Django UnchainedThe English Patient to The Hurt LockerKick Ass to Mr. & Mrs. SmithThe King's Speech to SwingersIce Age to Life is BeautifulThe Devil Wears Prada to Good Will HuntingThe Lord of the Rings to Star WarsX-Men to Kill BillWinter's Bone to Zero Dark Thirty - the sheer number of accomplished events, activations, partnerships, vertically integrated campaigns, niche solutions, red carpets, PA tours – places Interact PR in a unique position of experience and instinct that no other agency can begin to match. 

North America's leading entertainment companies trust Interact PR with their highest profile and most challenging projects.  We don't just build strong partnerships of trust with our clients, we feel we're part of the company, part of the vision, part of the successful team delivering a wide spectrum of public relations services.

The Interact PR's approach is bursting with fresh ideas, clear vision, dynamic impact and truly spectacular results.