It was a true pleasure working with you on this project. I hope we get to do it again soon! Many thanks as well for bringing U2 into our new theatre to launch it – now there’s octane!
— Nuria Bronfman, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Famous Players
Thank you for making this screening so effortless despite the quick turnaround. Ridley Scott’s office said that “the boys” were very impressed.
— Wendy Merry, Director, Publicity & Promotion, Western USA, 20th Century Fox Films

Sincere thanks for working so hard to achieve the success of the Fantastic Four Set Visit. I have received several emails and comments from press thanking us for a great event/interviews. I know that it was challenging at times for so many reasons and was EXTREMELY COLD – but it all paid off. Thank you again.
— Meredith Lipsky, Director, Field Publicity & Promotions, 20th Century Fox Films (Los Angeles)

Thanks for ALWAYS going above and beyond! I need to figure out how to clone you guys. There is no other PR Firm we’d consider!
— Jason Pfardrescher, Vice President, WELL GO USA ENTERTAINMENT (Plano, Texas)

Thanks for your tireless, thorough professionalism; you are a model of diligence and fortitude. I applaud you.
— Andy Webster, Premiere Magazine (New York)
the claim.png

My utmost thanks for all the hard work you and Mark put into PONTYPOOL. Interact was an invaluable part of the press tour – I could not have done it without you! Thanks again!
— Angie Burns, Vice President, Publicity & Promotions, Maple Pictures Corporation (Toronto)

I want to congratulate you on a superb season. The challenges of unit publicity are always great. However, with your hard work and attention to detail, you skillfully managed to fulfill the multiplicity of publicity demands and establish productive relationships with cast, crew and the CBC. National media coverage was also extensive and well timed. Keep up the accomplished work. We look forward to continued success this year.
— Jennifer Lynn, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Alliance Communications
north of 60.png

Thank you for all your help with Virginia Madsen yesterday. Thank you!!!

You were fantastic!
— Angie Burns, Vice President, Publicity & Promotions, Maple Pictures Corporation (Toronto)

If I didn’t say it enough...your event was the highlight of the Canadian campaign. A job more than well done. Vancouver has been out performing even Toronto at the box office so Interact PR did something more than right in that market
— Julia Perry, Manager Field Canada - 20th Century Fox Films
Thank you for all the incredible work you guys do for us. We really love working with you!
— Lisa Licht, Senior Vice President Promotions & Field Operations - 20th Century Fox Films (Los Angeles)

Interact PR is absolutely fantastic to work with. They brought the project to our attention several months ago, with a very ambitious vision for the night. Their ideas were first rate and they managed to keep three different media partners and retail partners focused on making that vision real, no easy task. The night was spectacular, go-go dancers on stage, 60s DJ spinning huge hits with a bubble machine filling his space and psychedelic lights washing over the room, theatre staff all dressed in flower-power 60s gear. That was just the premiere. The post gala was stunning; Hollywood searchlights, red carpets, limos everywhere, even an authentic Austin Powers red London double-decker bus. Dr. Evil and Austin arrived in a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Interact worked tirelessly on the event and made it a lot of fun to be a part of.
— Michael Godfrey, Sales Promotion & Marketing Director - POWER 107 & QR77

Interact delivers an unsurpassed level of professionalism and integrity. Their creativity is contagious and they possess keen strength in execution, often to the detriment of other film releasing companies that lack their representation. Their base standard is “exceptional.”
— Tracy Pound - Director of Promotions/Marketing - Corus Radio Q107-FM, CKRY-FM

Thank you again for an amazing job! Everyone from FOX LA was impressed, as I knew they would be. I am always thrilled to have Interact on my team.
— Julia Perry, Director Publicity - 20th Century Fox Film Corporation